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HAPPY little FACE is a Danish brand established in 2015 as a tribute to all children and their parents. 



Sustainable garment - mix and match design - affordable price

At HAPPY little FACE we always have the child in focus, which means that the clothes are produced in soft and comfortable materials, and fitted to allow the children to move around freely. The collection is designed with the concept of mix and match in focus. In despite of prints and colour all products can be mixed and matched to your satisfaction and without any limits. We believe that any child should have the right to wear organic clothing at a price point affordable to everyone.  Thus we choose to produce our entire clothing line directly at the supplier.


We want to provide GOTS approved organic cotton clothes. HAPPY little FACE is determent offer the customer the best organic clothing on the market. We strive to seek out the best materials and constantly improve our designs. HAPPY little FACE doesn’t just focus on design, we focus, and will continue to focus on how the clothes are produced. 


HAPPY little FACE believes that everyone should have the right to buy quality organic clothing for his or her children, regardless of social or financial background.


At HAPPY little FACE we are aware of the importance of our social responsibility. Whether it is the environmental concerns, or the production facilities in India. HAPPY little FACE doesn’t send any products by air, but by ship, to ensure the environment. Our products are at any time, produced according to the law of the production country, in our case India. HAPPY little FACE focus on happy employees, and this is a very important issue that we continually work with.


We have high demands to our suppliers, which is why we only corporate with professional suppliers, who have been in the fashion industry for many years and whom we know produce with focus on environment and in a social acceptable way.  Unfortunately it is not physical achievable for us, to make the daily control and follow up. Which is why our corporate is based on official EU requirements along with our daily mail and phone communication, communication based on respect and trust for the individual.