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All our clothes is made of organic cotton and approved by the international GOTS certificate. GOTS means Global Organic Textiles Standard and is your guarantee that the whole process from harvest to finishing, has been organic and without any pesticides or chemicals used. A lot of brands mark their garment with "organic" or "organic cotton" even if the product only contains 5% organic cotton! At HAPPY little FACE we only mark our products as organic, if the product contains minimum 95% organic cotton. 



At HAPPY little FACE we have choosen not to have any woven label inside our garment. This is to protect your child´s sensitive skin for any rough edges or scratchy and stiff labels. Instead we have decided to print all information directly to the garment. We think it`s very important that all our products are comfy to wear and easy to move around in so that your child will have the best start of a long life.
Most of our products are washable at 60 degrees and do allow tubledry, however we do recommend that you wash your garment at lower temperature whenever it`s possible. In that way you will spare the garment and you can use it for a longer time furthermore the environment will be really thankful.