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Corporate Soscial Responsibility

At HAPPY little FACE we are very much aware of the importantnes of our social responsibility. Whether it is the environment, or the production facilities in India or the office in Denmark. As a part of all that, we do not send any of our products by air. Our products should at any time be produced according to the law in the production country. Happy employees and costumers are very important for us and is something we continually work with.

Demands and Trust

We have high demands to our suppliers, which is why we only corporate with professional suppliers, who have been in the apparel business for many years and whom we know produce in an environmental and social acceptable way.  Unfortunately it is not physical achiveable for us, to make the daily control and follow up. Which is why our corporate is based on official EU requirements along with our daily mail and phone communication, communication based on respect and trust for the individual.